Meet The Eaters

Cheap Eats for College Peeps” is your blog from us.  Your staff writers are: Dinko, Kevin, Nicole, and Steph.  We aim to help you savor the flavors of food accessible to college peeps in Chicago.  As long as we’re blogging, you’ll have a place to turn to for some cool stories, sweet reviews, and budget eating ideas…..

Q:  My favorite cheap eats food?
–My favorite cheap eats food is pancakes. I love pancakes. I absolutely love pancakes. My favorite pancakes are lemon ricotta blueberry pancakes. Do I have your mouth dripping with saliva? I better be because these babies are the best in the city. The only spot in the city where you can get these bad boys is in a little restaurant located on Roosevelt Ave. not too far from UIC. It’s called the Bongo Room. The best breakfast menu in the city probably.

–My favorite cheap eats food are the carbs–bread and pasta.  There are a meal alone by themselves.  They are a meal together.  They make a meal feel right with a host of other dishes too.  Bread is easy to get a hold of fresh and preserved.  Pasta is easy to cook.  Nothing ruins a dinning experience more than bad bread or piss poor pasta.  You better fill my plate with good carbs if you’re feeding me.

–My favorite cheap eats food is a bagel and cream cheese. There’s tons of flavors of bagel and cream cheese to choose from. I can have it for breakfast, lunch, a quick snack, and I can even take it on the go! I’m always busy, so a savory bagel with carbs to fill me up is most delicious and convenient for me. I can eat and drive! Not to mention this yummy meal will only cost about $2-3 maximum.

–My favorite cheap eats food are chicken tacos. Now there are definitely different kinds of tacos, but chicken-filled tacos surpass all others. Downtown, Chicago has an abundance of little authentic Mexican joints, so the possibility of finding a place you like, is endless. Not to mention, many Mexican joints offer deals, such as, “dollar taco days.”

Q:  Fav Dining atmosphere?
–My favorite dining atmosphere is a chill and cozy breakfast atmosphere or I can go the complete other way around and say a high-class fun dinner. However, breakfast is usually the Bomb.


–I like dining anywhere I can get along with the staff.  Usually, being friendly or at least nice will do it.  But, I’ve found I get along best with the peeps at dog stands around the city, and the stand beer vendors at games.  “Beer here!”  “Yeah, two here!” “You got it!” (holds up fingers to give me the price)  And, done.  They quickly serve like you’re ready to die, and they have good peep skills too.

–My favorite dining atmosphere is at a romantic dim lit restaurant. I enjoy restaurants that play great music, especially songs that haven’t been heard for a while. I love the trendy and modern atmosphere, but I do not like being afraid to breathe a little. So it is very important that the staff must be very friendly and helpful.

–My favorite dining experience is at a tapas-style place, where you can order a little bit of everything. The combination of candles, Spanish music, and big round tables for friends and families to sit at, all come together to create a lively and warm atmosphere. Not to mention that some tapas places are BYOB.

Q:  Y R U Cool?
–I am cool because my name is Dinko. I bet your real first name isn’t Dinko. So, this little trait gives me the edge on all humans that aren’t named Dinko 🙂 Did I mention I love lemon ricotta pancakes?

–I am cool because I wear sunglasses inside in the summer and outside in the winter.  Also, I can cook.  More the most men, I can do it all.  I’m not limited to breakfast food and the grill.  Give me an oven and I will bake you a cake.  Give me a stove and I’ll fry some cod.  Give me freedom, and I won’t stop the fire till everybody finished eating.

–Who said I was cool? Just kidding I am! I’m cool because I like to explore the city of Chicago through finding deals to yummy restaurants that I’ve never heard of before, meeting new people, and traveling to the different neighborhoods. It’s crazy how amazing this city is… it’s just a secret waiting to be discovered.

–I am cool because I don’t try to be. I’m cool because I don’t take life too seriously. I’m cool because I take it one day at a time. Even if you turn off the sun, I’m still going to shine.

…..give us any suggestions you have.  We’re always looking for new places to eat, drink, and be merry.  If you’ve got a hot spot or even a bang up recipe, send it our way and we’ll get the word out.  Thanks, from your college peeps!

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One Response to Meet The Eaters

  1. danny says:

    so where are all the cheap places to eat at in the city?

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