Cheap, easy, healthy, and quick “Recipe of the Day”

What better way to save money, than to cook at home? There are many benefits to cooking at home. If you pick smart items for your grocery list, you can save a lot of money on going out to eat, and have a surplus of food for many different meals.

Cheap, easy, healthy and quick “Recipe of the day:” Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap


  • Lettuce
  • Caesar Dressing (Or dressing of choice)
  • 2 tortilla Wraps
  • 1 Cooked chicken Breast
  • 1.5 Tablespoons Parmesan Cheese (optional)

Make it:

1. Lay out each tortilla on the plate.

2. Spread Caesar dressing (or dressing of choice) on tortilla.

3. Take lettuce (Amt. to your liking) and put it on the tortilla.

4. Take 3-4 chicken strips and place them on top of the lettuce.

5. Sprinkle the Parmesan cheese (or cheese of your liking) over the chicken.

6. Fold both sides of the tortilla in, and then fold over the top and bottom flaps.

7. Repeat the process for however many wraps you’d like.

* Optional: Choose some of your favorite vegetables or use croutons to add flavor to your wrap.

This recipe is a great money saver, simple, and very quick to make. It is a versatile recipe, because you can use different dressing, cheese, and vegetables to make other kinds of wraps. You can also choose to eat it as a snack, lunch or dinner on the go, and you can choose a side like grapes or chips. It tastes great with many other foods! The majority of the ingredients are great to have in your home anyway. Parmesan cheese is a great item to have in your home because it can be used for multiple meals. Whether it’s a topping for pizza, spaghetti, or chicken Caesar salad, Parmesan cheese comes in handy. The same applies for dressing. If you don’t like a specific dressing or cheese, keep others that you do like at home. Such as ranch dressing and cheddar cheese, which can easily be substitutes for your wrap. Tortillas are great to have, you can make quick quesadillas, melt butter wrap up the tortilla and it makes a great snack, or keep them in the pantry for tacos. At the store they sell bags of pre-cooked and pre-stripped chicken breasts that are inexpensive, and make preparation very quick. I hope you enjoyed the quick, cheap, and healthy recipe of the day! Save money and eat up!

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