I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for ICE CREAM!!!

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for ICE CREAM!!!

By Dinko Cirkic

So, would you like to know how many different types of ice cream there are in the world? Well so would I. If you were expecting an answer I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I can’t give you one. However, I can you give you a couple quick F.Y.I’s.

True fact number one: Ice Cream is best served cold believe it or not.

True fact number two: Ice cream may be made out of soymilk, coconut milk, rice milk, goat milk, and the most common cows milk. These other alternatives serve more of a purpose for people that are lactose intolerant.

Seriously, I am all for going out and grabbing some ice cream or gelato from the local ice cream shop or fancy dessert place, but sometimes those places can be expensive. I’m a college student and that means I can’t always shell out $10-20 on unique arsenal of flavors on my waffle cone. So, here’s an alternative my fellow College Peeps instead of going out to that fancy swanky hot spot for chilled desserts check out your local grocery store or better yet why don’t I check it out for you. No, I really did check it out for you I went to Whole Foods Market and did some research. Here are a couple of different options to consider my fellow friends.

  1. Luna and Larry Organic Coconut Bliss “Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge,” $5.99


Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge

Picture Courtesy of Coconut Bliss and Leslielovesveggies.net


●      Organic

●      Vegan

●      Soy and Gluten free

●      Low Glycenic

●      Coconut milk and Agave Syrup

This ice cream is technically a “non-dairy frozen dessert,” but you get the idea. It’s a good alternative to regular ice cream. “Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge” has a whole lotta chocolate and coconut flavor with raw pieces of hazelnut inside. It’s a rich, thick, chocolaty tangy ice cream alternative. If you want some more info on Coconut Bliss check out their website by clicking up at the top.


  1. Ciao Bella Gelato “Roasted Hazelnut,” $4.99


Ciao Bella Hazelnut

Picture Courtesy of Ciao Bella and Icecreamsource.com


●      All natural ice cream

●      No artificial hormones

●      Rich and creamy

●      Kosher dairy

●      Gluten free

Ciao Bella Gelato has over 50 ice cream flavors and if all of them come even halfway close to “roasted hazelnut” then we should all invest our life savings in Ciao Bella Gelato. Roasted hazelnut tastes just like a vanilla ice cream, but with a big hint of hazelnut. This gelato is thin, soft, and delicious. It melts inside your mouth and the hazelnut flavor just makes you go squirrel crazy for it. If you want to checkout Ciao Bella Gelato just click the name and be escorted to the wonderful world of Ciao Bella Gelato.  


  1. Talenti Gelato “Toasted Almond,” $5.99


Talenti Toasted Almond

Picture thanks to Talenti Gelato


●      Vegetarian

●      Gluten free

●      High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) free

●      Hormone free

●      All natural

●      Kosher

Talneti gelato is as simple an ice cream can get. The ingredients for this ice cream are milk, sugar, cream, powdered milk, almonds, dextrose, vanilla, and guar gum. That’s it. This ice cream is super simple and super good. Look at any other ice cream and you see the list of ingredients go all the way down the side of the pint box. Talentis ingredient list on the side of the pint box is just a sentence long. Out of all the three ice cream listed here Talenti was the creamiest, sweetest, and the texture was the most pleasing. It is a great gelato that really is all vanilla and shreds of almond. If you want more info just click Talenti near the picture. 


These are just a few options folks. You can’t go wrong with any one choice between these kings of the dairy world. These ice cream desserts can be found anywhere for the most part. I went to Whole Foods Market because that’s the best place with options whether your lactose intolerant, craving organic, or something mainstream. I hope you consider trying these bad boys and girls out. I look forward to hearing from you and please rate the ice cream for fellow ice cream aficionados.

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