Grab A Glass Of Milk

By: Dinko Cirkic

Guess who’s back?!

That’s right my fellow sweet tooth companions I’m back for another run at your sugar craving and have I got something special for you. Now, first off I have to say your going to love me for putting you on this little taste of German/Italian paradise. Yes, Germans and Italians are amazing automobile makers and of course both are great at brewing beer, but did you know that chocolate is their passion too? Kinder Schokolade or Kinder Chocolate (English) is a popular chocolate that is beloved across Europe. I fell in love with these chocolates in Germany when I was five years old so take it from me their “Yummy.” So, without further adue here is some of Kinder Schokolade best.

Kinder Chocolate

Great chocolate with milky center. $2-4

Kinder Surprise Egg

Chocolate egg with a milky center and surprise toy. $1-2

Kinder Bueno

Chocolate waffle sticks with hazelnut center. $2-3

Kinder Country

Chocolate bar with cereal center. $1-2

Kinder Shoko-Bons

Chocolate covered eggs with hazelnut center. $2-4

I’m telling you my fellow college peeps this is the chocolate cheap eat$ to be craving.  I am delighted to share some of my childhood with you. These candy bars are sold in grocery stores around the city. However, not all grocery store will have these treats in stock because they are an imported item so I would suggest going to a local store and checking it out because you’ll usually have more success there. Please leave me some feedback and let me know if you enjoyed it. Thank you my fellow budgettiers.

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