Steph’s Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Under $5: UIC Area


Dunkin Donuts all the way baby. Nothing beats a delicious breakfast for a small price. Dunkin Donuts had 99 cents specials every day. Check out all of these delicious buys:

Monday – Egg & cheese on an English muffin

Tuesday – 2 donuts

Wednesday – Bagel with cream cheese

Thursday – 9 piece hash brown

Friday – Muffin

Saturday – 5 Munchkins donut hole treats

Sunday – Small hot latte

Their combo deals are also cheap and filling. My favorite is combo #3 that is the bagel and cream cheese with a coffee for $3.29! Add the 99 cents for 5 munchkin holes and you’d have a full and filling breakfast that’s under $5. UIC students, there is a perfect location between east and west campus. Not to mention it is right next to a Jewel so you can pick up your groceries while you’re at it.

Find the closest Dunkin to you:

Lunch… In two words: Carms Beef

UIC Students if you haven’t been there, get there. Less than a block away from campus sits a tiny, cheap, and delicious fast food haven. It’s quick, it’s cheap, and its filling. You can get various meals under $5. My favorite: The two hot dog special includes fries and a drink for free.


Taylor Made Pizza. This is definitely one of the most well liked pizza places near campus. Located on the popular Taylor street, Taylor made has great pizza. You can get a slice with fries and a can of pop for under $5. It is also a popular late night spot, so if you’re ever hungry and everything else is closed, Taylor Made is usually still open for you:

Enjoy these yummy cheap eats!

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One Response to Steph’s Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Under $5: UIC Area

  1. Samia Khan says:

    You all did a great job creating this! I think it’s really helpful for students who are living in the city and are on the go. It’s fast and easy and most importantly NOT expensive which is what college students look for!

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