A Cheesy Review

By: Nicole Kucharski, Dinko Circic, and Steph Landa (your Cheap Eat$ Staff)

Salerno’s is located on the corner of Grand and Racine

Pizza month is still in full-force and me and my fellow cheap eater$, Dinko and Steph, decided to take a trip to a small pizzeria in Chicago recommended to us by a friend. Salerno’s pizzeria is known for it’s carry-out jumbo slice and pop for $5, but since our appetite was a little bigger we decided to try one of their thick crust pizzas. Here is an overview, one by one, of our experiences at Salerno’s pizzeria.


From the outside, Salerno’s Pizzeria seemed as nothing out of the ordinary. However, from the moment I walked in, I felt comfortable and at home in this small yet cozy pizzeria. The hostess and waitress were both extremely friendly and checked up on our table multiple times. The three of us had a nice and cozy booth with a clear view of a wide screen television mounted on the wall. Only twenty-minutes after ordering (not bad!), our pizza came in. The cheese was melted to perfection, and at first bite, my palette was insta-pleased with the sauce to pizza toppings ratio (we had ordered a tomato and onion pizza). Call me weak sauce – I managed to eat two slices before I was completely stuffed. The 15$ pizza was enough to fill three hungry cheap eater$, with 2 slices to spare. That’s a great deal, if you ask me. Considering three factors: price, taste, and atmosphere, I would most definitely recommend Salerno’s to my fellow cheap eater$.

The spacious, yet cozy, interior.


For me, Salerno’s Pizzeria was an all-around great experience.  The setting was quaint, the staff was great, and the food was to die for.  First and foremost, the pizza was amazing with just the right amount of sauce, cheese, and crust.  It wasn’t heavy on your stomach and it was well worth the $7 I spent (and that includes a side salad).  The service was the spectacular, I cannot begin to tell you how many places in and around the city of Chicago neglect the importance of quality service.  The staff checked on us numerous times and constantly made sure we were taken care of.  The setting was beautiful, and defined a modest Italian pizzeria.  Topping it all off, Salerno’s offers free parking for its customers; a rare commodity in the city of Chicago.  I will most definitely be heading back to Salerno’s Pizzeria sooner than later.

Steph’s house salad with Caesar dressing.

That’s one massive pizza pie for $15.


Salerno’s is a nice little Italian restaurant outside of downtown Chicago. I enjoyed my here experience very much. The deep-dish cheese pizza was phenomenal, and for $15 how could I not love it? The tomato sauce was rich and sweet  and the crust was amazing, one of the better ones I’ve munched on in the city. Personally, I took home a couple of slices for my younger sister to try, and she remarked that it was the “best pizza crust ever.”
Salerno’s definitely had an Italian aura. I liked the location and the scene of the place fit perfectly in Chicago. The inside layout is like any pizzeria spot with a bar and a couple of televisions showing sport games. I definitely recommend Salerno’s to anyone who wants to pick-up a game on TV, some good pizza, and maybe, a nice cold beer.

Cheesy goodness.

What was leftover…we tried =)

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2 Responses to A Cheesy Review

  1. Samia Khan says:

    yummyyy 🙂

  2. Krystian says:

    Great review !

    and that pizza looks fire! 😉

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