Cheap Eats Alert!

By: Stephanie Landa

Hawkeyes is a hoppin’ Monday night spot for CHEAP wings. Located in the heart of Little Italy on the corner of Taylor and Laflin. Get as many wings as you want for 35 cents each, anytime after 3pm! This spot has become a Monday night tradition for my friends and I. You can choose from BBQ, Mild, or Hot sauce flavors, and they are all tasty! My favorite is the BBQ, but that’s just because I can’t handle the heat of the other two- my friends love ‘em though! I must be honest the wings are pretty small, but they are cheap so adding up 20 or 30 wings really isn’t bad! The servers are friendly and fast. This bar & grille is a friendly neighborhood sports joint, and you are welcome to wear whatever you want. You could go in your pajamas and they wouldn’t care!  The only real downside is depending on when you go there may be a wait time (under 15 minutes normally) but they are open until 2am! You could go there right now and get stuffed! Don’t be sad if you missed out on this deal, because Tuesday nights are dollar burgers after 3pm!

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