It’s Sushi Time

By: Nicole Kucharski, Steph Landa, and Dinko Cirkic

This week, the Cheap Eat$ team decided to try Ichiban sushi located off of Taylor St. We took advantage of their $13.95 all-you-can-eat special (they have it daily during their lunch hours). We heard of the special through some collegues at UIC and thought it was worth a try. See what each one of us thought:

Good lighting and atmosphere inside Ichiban

Nikki: Walking into Ichiban, I noticed the place was small but clean, and the tables were neatly set-up. The kitchen was located below us, which worked for me since I don’t like having the kitchen right under my nose. The all-you-can-eat menus included a very wide array of items. You could choose from sushi, side orders, and appetizers. I ordered two different sushi rolls, shrimp fried rice, and the ginger salad before calling it quits. Everything was delicious and flavorful. In addition, the waiter was very attentive and friendly. The only downfall I found was that the sushi rolls had a little too much rice for my taste. I’m assuming it is so the customers fill up more quickly. Overall I give Ichiban a 7/10 because the $13.95 deal is a great price for the amount of food you can eat.

Outside of Ichiban

Steph: This was definitely not my first time to Ichiban… Ever since the semester started when I heard about this deal, I’ve gone to Ichiban at least once a week. This is definitely my favorite sushi spot in the city. When we visited Ichiban the waiters were extremely friendly and offered quick service. A great feature about this restaurant is the indoor outdoor seating. When the weather is nice, which this fall it has been, Ichiban has a nice tented outdoor area, lit up with white christmas life to give it a warm feel. Ichiban has become a regular for me, in fact I had it tonight. They also have an All-You-Can-Eat Dinner Special for $18.95. My favorite roll is the Creamy Tuna Maki. It is absolutely delicious! I’d give this place a 9/10 overall for the amount of food you get, great service, nice atmosphere, and good pricing!

Watermelon smoothie with tapioca

Dinko: I eat sushi at least once a week and I know good sushi when I see it, and especially, when I taste it. Ichiban Sushi Café is a nice place to go enjoy sushi at any time of the day. It’s located near University of Illinois at Chicago on Taylor St. near Loomis. This place is a hip sushi spot with a great selection of rolls on the menu. I love the two level layout of Ichiban, specifically the lower level, because you can see the Japanese chefs hard at work with their knives.

The day my cheap eater$ and I went to Ichiban Sushi Café we sat down in a nice booth area on the top level. I ordered a bowl of vegetable rice, 6 Spicy Salmon Rolls and 6 Philadelphia rolls which, I had never tried before. The bowl of vegetable rice was beautifully sautéed and grilled. I made quick work of it and waited for my rolls to come through. Now, I’ve had Spicy Salmon Rolls before and I have to say the chefs at Ichiban did not disappoint. I loved the spicy salmon. It was delicious.  However, the Philadelphia rolls at Ichiban were delicious cubedX2. They were phenomenal. Both rolls were delicious and it took me a little longer to finish both sets than I had originally expected, but I savored the tasted. Finally, for dessert I ordered a strawberry smoothie with tapioca. It was made fresh and was as good as any other smoothie I have had in the city.
Now, my only negative with the place is that it advertised on the front window having kiwi smoothies w/ tapioca. They do not.  Since that was what caught my attention in the first place, it was a big let down once I found out they didn’t serve it. I would give Ichiban Sushi café an 8.7/10. It is a great spot for sushi and definitely recommend anyone there. Even if you don’t like sushi you’d love it from here.

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