Breakfast With A Twist

By: Dinko Cirkic

Hello, again, my cheap eater$ I’m going to give you guys a special treat. When was the last time you were on a field trip? If you haven’t been on one recently, don’t worry because you may join me on our own journey as I walk around Chicago in search for great breakfast joints just for you. I know you guys are sick of Denny’s and as much fun as IHOP is you need to switch it around every once in a while. Don’t worry cheap eater$ Dinko is here to save the Morning. Yes, I did all the research for you. I looked for hip places to go grab omelette and French toast. I tried the orange juice and cucumber water for you already. I even made conversation with the cute hostess for you, and I even picked up the bill. I’m great, aren’t I?

The first spot on our field trip is a sweet little breakfast and lunch place located near the University of Illinois at Chicago and Columbia College. The Bongo Room is located on the corner of Wabash and Roosevelt Rd. Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve ventured out to the Bongo Room. It’s actually my favorite breakfast place in the whole city, but since, I’m guessing some of you haven’t been there let me get you acquainted with it. It’s a trendy spot filled with a super friendly staff and a delicious menu.

Bongo Room

My favorite breakfast at the Bongo Room is the Blueberry Lemon Ricotta pancakes. It is amazing. No other word could describe these pancakes, it is as if God himself came down from the heavens and prepared you these cakes of the pan. So, in my search of pancakes I went to the Bongo Room this past Monday morning and got there right round 9:30 a.m. to treat myself and inform about those pancakes, but I was not ready for what was about to happen when I got there.

Before I started Goofing Around

It Starts

I sat down in a nice little booth that sits up a few inches higher than any other seat in the place (VIP) and sat across from an old man wearing a Chicago White Sox’s cap reading the Red-Eye. The reason he caught my attention was because he was reading an article regarding Russell Brand and Katy Perry’s wedding. As he was reading he turned to Bela, the waitress, (whom I’ve developed an acquaintance with since going to the Bongo Room) and turns to her an asks her what she thought of Brand to which she replied “That guys crazy, Ron. He’s a lunatic.” This made them laugh and gave me a smile on the face because well I like crazy, but anyways I digress.


Remember, those pancakes that I really wanted guess what? They didn’t have the ingredients to make the blueberry lemon ricotta pancakes for me. I scrambled (literally) I looked up and down the menu which had coconut pancakes, red velvet cake pancakes, mango pancakes, a breakfast burrito, many other dishes, and of course “old reliable” the omelette. So, I went to the “go to breakfast” people have been relying on for years. I ordered spinach, red pepper, and mushroom omelette, red potatoes with a slice of sourdough.

Used to be an Egg

The omelette ended up being $11. It beautifully served and devoured (as you can see; pic). I was disappointed that they didn’t have the pancakes that I love so much because I really wanted to show it to you guys. However, this way it will be more of a surprise for you when you actually get there and order those bad boys for yourselves. I give the Bongo Room a 9/10 and definitely encourage you guys to check it out.

All Done

Have you had enough? Well, there is one more spot that we’re going to check out for breakfast. Now, we here at Cheap Eat$ for College Peeps have not forgotten about the DePaul Blue Demons and Loyola Rambler. We’ve got you covered and our next stop is really close to your campuses in downtown Chicago. Orange “Contemporary Brunch with a Peel” is a chain of restaurants in Chicago that give breakfast and lunch a real twist. These restaurants are known for their unique dishes which blend fruits with sushi, fruits with eggs and pancakes, and other really unique stuff like a glass of water with a slice of cucumber in it. So, here we go cheap eater$ were off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz. Wait, What? Huh?! Okay, that didn’t sound right, but as Super Mario would say, “Here we go.”

Thanks to Otacon645

Naranja (Orange in Bosnian)

The Orange that I went to is located in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago near Superior and Clark St. It is cool one floor building with a big glass window in front. The inside has a pleasant layout with circular mirrors around the whole place, cool pictures, a silver platted ceiling, and of course lots and lots of orange. I sat down in a booth and was immediately helped out. Since, the Bongo Room didn’t have the pancakes I love I decided to try out something special at Orange. I ordered the French toast kabob infused with skewed fresh strawberries and pineapples, topped with honey and served with a coconut mango salad. I told you this place was nuts. I couldn’t believe what I ordered. The dish was served perfect. I mean look at it.


The dish was awesome. I couldn’t believe I devoured all that sugar, but it was delicious and sometimes you have to treat yourself to something that might not be the healthiest for you once in a while. Overall, breakfast cost me $12.61 at Orange. I loved it and rate it 8.8/10. I hope you cheap eater$ enjoyed going on this breakfast field trip with me. Now that we here at Cheap Eat$ for College Peeps got morning covered the rest of your day unfortunately my team and I wont be able to protect you from. So get out there and get those good grades and make that cheddar. Leave some love let me know if you checked these places out and what you ordered. As always thanks for reading. Mad Love.

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  1. Adnan says:

    Thanks for the info dinko you gotta take me around whenever I come up!

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