Season of Gift Giving

By Nikki: Kucharski

Black Friday: The most stressful shopping day of the year

With Black Friday being only a week and a half away, and Christmas being a mere month and a half away, the reality of Christmas shopping is slowly setting in. We here at Cheap Eat$ for College Peeps love our cheap eater$ so much that we have compiled a short, but sweet preview of some fun food-related gifts your friends and loved ones will surely get a merry kick out of.

Fondue set: It is the perfect romantic foodie gift for cheap eat$ lovers. What girl doesn’t love chocolate, fruit and a romantic evening with her special someone on a chilly wintry night? A Fondue set is a perfect gift for cheap eater$ to let loose and enjoy some homemade dessert.

Love at first sight: When chocolate meets strawberry

The 2-in-1 kitchen tool: Need to save space in your not-so-spacious kitchen? Why not get a kitchen appliance that does two things at once? This is the perfect breakfast duo by far.
Customized M&M’s: What better then sweet chocolate candies that melt in your mouth? Sweet chocolate candies with your face on it! Now it doesn’t necessarily have to be your face, but either way it’s a neat idea for any candy-lover.

M&M-ify yourself

Cooking classes: Many places in Chicago offer cooking demonstrations and hands-on classes. One place, The Wooden Spoon, is constantly changing their classes around offering something exciting and new every month. This is a great place to take your friends and/or loved ones to make some kitchen magic together!
Margarita maker: Who doesn’t love to relax at home with a couple of close friends? A margarita maker seems like the perfect game night/girls night/happy hour power hour companion.

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…

Girly kitchen sets: We all know guys love their power tools, but what about our lady cheap eater$?  Put a little spice your woman’s kitchen by buying her the ultimate kitchen tools…..with a touch of princess pink!
Your brand beer: Who doesn’t love their name plastered all over brand name products? Considering our self-centered nature, personalized gifts are always a win. Plus, who wouldn’t get a kick out of personalized beer labels: Mrs. Cheap Eat$ beer anyone?

“Hand over a bottle of Choppy’s why don’t cha?”

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