Beat The Freeze

By: Nicole Kucharski

Now that Chicago has received its first snowfall, we have countless weeks of frozen red cheeks and icy toes to look forward to. Hair and skincare will become especially important this season since cold temperatures can take a toll on our health and beauty. So Chi-town peeps, I bring you some cheap food solutions for keeping yourself in tip-top shape this wintry season.


Lips tend to get cracked and chapped due to the icy winds and freezing temperatures. Solution:

-Just a dab of honey will keep your lips plump and moist when all else fails. Did I mention it tastes sweet so your lips will be extra kissable?

-You can also apply a small drop of olive oil to lips that need some saving.

-Another weird but effective method for dry lips consists of rubbing a lemon dipped in sugar over your lips, which is then followed by applying a layer of glycerin on top.

-To soothe lips in need, try smoothing a cucumber slice over your lips for instant relief.

Regardless of the remedy that you choose, it’s important to stay hydrated all day which can help prevent excessive lip cracking and chapping.

Hair is fragile and prone to breakage especially during the winter time. Instead of spending money on expensive hair masks try making your own protein food mask at home.

-A mixture of avocado and olive oil is perfect for dry hair (keep in mind to use only a small amount of olive oil in the mixture). All you do is apply it as any deep conditioner, leave in your hair for up to 15 minutes and rinse.

-If you have blonde hair that tends to get dull in the winter time, try rinsing hair with a combination of warm water and lemon juice. It should give your hair the shine and boost it needs to look glamorous during the holidays.

It is good to remember that some of these food items can do multiple things for your hair. For instance, avocado and olive oil not only provide dry hair with moisture, but eliminate that annoying winter static.


Dry and itchy skin is especially prominent in the winter time, but don’t you worry there are some cheap food solutions for that as well.

-If you’re in the mood to take a bath, add some oatmeal in the mix for a soothing skin treatment. All you do is take oatmeal flakes (Quaker Oats works just fine) and put them through the food processor until they become finer in texture . Mix the oatmeal flakes into a warm bath (avoid the water being super hot because then the oatmeal wont work as well) and relax!

-For an uber moisturizing mask try, skin expert, Kevin Gatto’s unique mixture: cocoa powder (Hershey’s for instance), honey and heavy cream. The mask should stay on your face for about 20-30 minutes. It’s not only cheap to make, but also smells and tastes delicious.

The good things about these food remedies, is that  you can find all of the necessary ingredients right in your kitchen or at your local grocer’s. The price tag in comparison to store or salon products isn’t even comparable. For instance you’ll pay about $5-6 for a bottle of olive oil ad avocado while salon hair masks can cost you anywhere from $30 to $100! Cheap eater$, we know beauty is important to you. Try out some of these cheap food remedies and tell us what you think!

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One Response to Beat The Freeze

  1. Christine says:

    Thanks so much for sharing those tips! It’s really handy for a traveler like me who has not been to a winter country before. Not only that but the recipes are pretty easy to be followed and all the ingredients used for the recipes can be obtained easily and affordable! 🙂

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