Let’s Take a Lunch Journey

By: Dinko Cirkic

Last month, I decided to go around downtown Chicago to find some pretty sweet breakfast places for my Cheap Eat$ Peeps and so I’m back again doing the same thing only this time around for lunch. That’s right cheap eater$, were going on another field trip in search of cool lunch joints. This field trip took me from Chicago’s historic Printers Row neighborhood, over by Polk and Dearborn, to Chicago’s swanky bourgeois Gold Coast downtown.

On this lunch journey I decided not to go all out on the sugar, which I might have overdone last time, and I decided to keep it under $10 as well. If you can’t recall my last “adventure” I went to the Bong Room for an omelette, but then went to for high sugar count at Orange and got an infamous French toast kabob infused with skewed fresh strawberries and pineapples, topped with honey and served with a coconut mango salad. Whew! I don’t think I’m due for another sugar mountain for another 3 months. However, this time around I went to an Italian deli located near DePaul and Loyola’s downtown campuses and had an awesome sandwich. I also checked out a Mexican joint near University of Illinois at Chicago and Columbia. That’s right Cheap Eat$ Peeps, I got all of you covered!

1. L’Appetito



L’Appetito is an authentic Italian deli located in Chicago’s luxurious Gold Coast neighborhood. Specifically at 30 E. Huron St. (Huron & Wabash) right by DePaul and Loyola University downtown campuses. This sweet European deli is as European as any other deli I have seen in Chicago. They got Nutella, San Pellegrino Aranciata, Limonata, Petitbuer, etc. It’s location in downtown Chicago made me a little skeptical as to its authenticity because I figured it might be one of those “commercial deli spots”, but I was wrong. L’Appetito’s harbors everything European from jelly spread, to cookies, gelato, coffee, and even gummy bears.






I was very happy upon walking in and went straight to the deli. L’Appetito offers a variety of options from a breakfast menu, to sandwiches, pasta & pizza, tostinos, and desserts. From the get-go, the gentleman behind the counter greeted me very kindly and asked me “What are you having?” I looked at the sandwich collection and asked for turkey on wheat bread with tomato’s, onions, mayo, and jalapeños. To which he simply replied, “You got it.” What can I say? A man of few words: simple, clear, cut to the chase no bullshit hospitality, got to love Italians. He gave me my sandwich, I paid for it ($5.76 w/ tax), and the rest was history. The sandwich was damn good. The turkey was packed beautifully, thinly sliced, and the veggies were on point as well.

Turkey Sandwich

Overall, I have to say I loved my experience at L’Appetito and if it were warmer out I would have gotten some gelato. I recommend all you Cheap Eat$ Peeps heading over there at some point or another. Bon Appétit.

2. Flaco’s Tacos

Flaco's Tacos

Flaco’s Tacos is located right on the corner of Dearborn and Polk St. where Chicago’s legendary cross-country railroad stations was, recognized book printing and publishing neighborhood existed which all took place in the early 20th Century.

Old Dearborn Station

This area has a ton of history so I decided to check it out for its food. Flaco’s Tacos is a trendy Mexican restaurant that’s got all your favorite southern foods under one roof. It’s located a few blocks from UIC and just a block from Columbia College. I hit up Flaco’s Tacos last Tuesday for my Mexican food craving and they did not disappoint me. As soon as I walked in the joint people hit me. I came there right around noon so it seems everyone was fixing for a little Mexican food. As I was looking through their menu and they had steak, chicken, fish, shrimp, pork tacos, burritos, tortillas, and nachos. So, I was bewildered with all these choices so I pulled the wildcard out: Veggie Burrito (I told you I was healthy this time around).

Veggie burrito

The veggie burrito was very delicious. It came with guacamole, black beans, jalapenos, lettuce, and some green thing, but it was good too. I ended up paying $7.76 for it, but this burrito was a brick so it was well worth it. Flaco’s Tacos also has a great dessert menu. They have fresh made cakes and cookies everyday. I didn’t get one this time, but will do next time. Definitely mark down Flaco’s Tacos for one of your Mexican food cravings. It’ll hit the spot.

Inside Flaco's

Well I hope you Cheap Eat$ Peeps enjoyed our second field trip together. Let me know what you think of this months selections and what some of your favorite spots are because Dinko gets very hungry and always need new spots around town. As always mad love.

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