Cheap Eat$ meet Groupon

Cheap Eat$ Peeps, it’s time to fill you in on one of the greatest websites, if you haven’t heard about it already, Groupon works thanks to the power of collective buying. Basically, a business agrees to give consumers a special discount so long as a minimum number of people purchase the deal. Throughout my experience thus far, I have yet to receive a returned discount due to the company’s inability to reach their sale point. Daily deals are provided to users world-wide and consist of anything from restaurant bargains and teeth whitening to yoga beach sessions and sushi making classes.

Groupon originally started out by providing one deal a day to less than 20 cities and has, since then, grown immensely. With Groupon’s ever growing popularity, I just couldn’t resist spreading the word. Cheap eat$ peeps I’m telling you: You will save a TON of money and get to discover a LOT of places you’ve never heard of, been, and possibly couldn’t afford otherwise. Thanks to Groupon, I’ve been able to discover 24 new restaurants with my friends (the list is always growing!). Also, being a college student in Chicago, one of the most diverse cities out there, a lot of hidden restaurants, shows and classes can go unnoticed. Groupon helps with that.

Besides, what is there to hate about saving? A typical deal given by Groupon normally consists of: You paying $ while getting something that is valued at $$. Some of the deals I have used in the past for example are:

$20 for $50 at Kamehachi Japanese Restaurant; $25 for $50 Worth of Italian Cuisine and Drinks at Gioco; $25 for $50 Worth of Latin Fusion Cuisine and Drinks at Coobah; $15 for $30 Worth of Burger Customization at The Counter.

A fellow foodie friend has accompanied me to all of these places and here’s what he had to say about Groupon: “All of the places we have been to have really been great quality, and up to par with the reviews they are given. Of course not everyone will like every place or every deal, but if you are open to trying out new places, or want something besides the usual close to home spots, I’d definitely recommend Groupon. It’s saved me a lot of money, and I don’t have to be a cheap date.” Julie, a friend and avid user of Groupon says, “Groupon is great, because it allows you to get more for less. You can use it for many different reasons. To save money on a nice meal, or to be able to get the glass of wine you wouldn’t normally get to save money in a tight economy. It’s also great if I want to take a co-worker out to dinner, and I can afford to pay for his/her meal.”

Groupon helps everyone. It helps business and restaurant owners stimulate sales growth and benefits consumers by providing a well-rounded deal. Last year, I bought a Chicago chocolate tour for my mother in light of Mother’s Day and we had an amazing time. In fact, I had never even heard of a chocolate tour until I saw it on Groupon. Turns out, there are pizza tours, brewery tours, hamburger tours… you name it!

In light of the holiday season Groupon has created Grouponicus offering deals that last for numerous days. Right now the deals on dining include:

$20 for $40 Worth of Pan-European Fare and Drinks at LOKaL

$10 for $20 Worth of Dutch Pancakes and More from Pannenkoeken Cafe

$35 for $75 Worth of Home-Delivered Organic Food from Nature’s Prime Organic Foods

These are all great deals, and that’s only food-related. Ladies, check out all of the different spa and salon treatments. Guys check out clothing deals and gym memberships. You can give Groupons as a gift, and now you even earn G’s for your purchases, that help you towards discounted groupons. Many sites have tried to compare to Groupon, but Groupon developed this creative buying power and they do it best.

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